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Over the years the company has established a prominent position in the market of high precision machining on behalf of third parties, thanks to advanced CNC machines, sophisticated measuring equipment, certified quality system, staff professionality and mechanical knowledge. Rettifiche Meccaniche Tirelli is able to quickly meet customers’ needs with flexibility, technical skills, cutting-edge technology and human relation oriented to efficient and fairness ethics. Corporate organization, with continuous research & development in high precision machining field, is able to provide: prototyping, small sampling lots, medium and large production series. Fast delivery time and balanced quality-price ratio allow to establish solid relation with customers over the years.

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Off-Center Crankshaft

Starting from rough steel cast, these shafts are delivered to customers ready to be mounted. They are realized for air compressor sector and the quality class is maximum.



Steel shafts with cam profiles, from raw material to finished product. With automotive steel material, we deliver these shafts to customers in a “ready to be mounted” state.


Endless Screw and Crown

Heart of elevators. We produce crown hub from rough steel cast, while crown gear derives from bronze alloy. The material of endless screw can be quenched tempered steel or cemented tempered steel depending on requested quality class. We also provide nondestructive final tests.


Trilobal Rotors

Rotors for compressors, starting from forged parts we execute every machining process (including the external grinding of benches, shoulders and profiles) to deliver finished product as customer’s drawing.


Rotor for Screw Compressor

Heart of volumetric screw compressors. We realize male – female assembly with profile checking operation and we send eventual corrections directly to machine operators thanks to 3d advanced measuring equipment. We guarantee a contour tolerance of 5 microns with a pitch of  level quality class “1”. Material available: steel and cast iron. Assembly type: heat shrunk-on fit.


Gearless Shaft

Core of the elevator machine. We start from round bars to obtain finished product ready to be mounted. Other than high precision mechanical processes, we offer multiple spline machining according to DIN ISO 5480 normative and internal conical encoder housing realization.


Coupled shaft

We produce shrunk-on fit shafts upon customer request, we develop and test heat coupling tolerances. We apply “Kanban” techniques to stock material organization.



We machine steel and aluminum rods for air compressor sectors. We start from two symmetric parts and, after machining processes, we assemble them together with pins and bronze bearings. Finished rods are delivered with high quality standard.



These automotive shafts are internally processed form initial forged part to finished product. We manufacture every machining operation while surface treatment and painting are outsourced externally; before shipping, we balance crankshafts with counterweights according to customer specification. We offer extremely high-quality standards.

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