Quality Management

RETTIFICHE MECCANICHE TIRELLI S.r.l. is certified to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 normative and it has chosen, as its main goal, a total customer satisfaction achieved through a manufacturing process that ensure high quality level, even for large production series

Quality assurance

Test, Check and Inspection

The purpose is to guarantee the conformity of raw material, technical equipment, semi-finished and finished products with specific requirements and acceptance criteria established internally and with customer. The company prepares and applies procedures that require clearly identification of needed tests, checks and controls and indicate relative operations required for the entire production cycle.


Incoming inspections and checks

The company methodically ensures that incoming materials such as raw materials, semi-finished and finished products are not used or put into processing without having reached the conformity level required by customers. The procurement of the raw material is provided only by suppliers able to provide 3.1 level certificates.


In-process tests and checks

For every production phase company establishes procedures of measure and dimensional operations. Products can move through manufacturing phases only if quality tests are giving positive results.


Final tests and approval

At the end of manufacturing process, final approval procedures take place to confirm the validity of product with a complete verification of incoming and in-process reports and dimensional test documentation.


Saving of tests checks and data

The company has implemented a new production management planning and data collection software that follows step by step every manufacturing phase; it is possible to easily trace at any time every information of single job order still in process or already closed.

Testing – Quality Assurance



Metrology Room A:

1 3D measurement center ZEISS PRISMO NAVIGATOR 7 HTG - X700Y900Z650 with rotating table and Vast Gold Head

1 ZEISS RONDCOM 60 TIMS to check roundness, concentricity e parallelism

1 MITUTOYO Linear Height test: 0 – 600 mm

1 reference plane with tail stocks for shaft test

1 reference plane 800x1000 mm

2 gauge marker for height check

1 roughness meter

1 hardness tester

Metrology Room B:

1 3D measurement center ZEISS PRISMO 9/15/7 S – ACC VAST with rotating table and Vast Gold Head

Supporting documentation

Zeiss Dimensional Report

Side-Machine Measurement Report

3.1 Material Certificates

PPAP Documentation 

Manufacturing and Control Plan

Process Flow Chart

Process Capability Analysis


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